THE FOUNDER There are 15 centers nation- wide.Each center is responsible for determining who is accepted into their center and who is declined.  You must contact the “Over-seer” at the center, and coordinate your application efforts with them. That information is on this page. The CONTACT INFO button Many of  our centers create monthly new- letters.  You can find many of them here;  available for you to read online, or to down-load so you may have a copy of your own. You may also subscribe to have one or several news- letters mailed directly to you. And, we’re working on an archive of past publications. The NEWSLETTERS button There are 15 centers that are open and operating now.  3 centers  were moved or abandoned.  We just had our 40th anniversary, and there is a “Friends of the Mission” section...20 slideshows !   This section is enjoyable or reminiscent for graduates, past residents, or anyone who wants to see what the mission is like. The SLIDESHOWS button All of our centers have 3 one-hour classes a day and two and a half hours of “church” a day.  That’s 5 1/2 hours of teaching or preaching a day by local clergy, past graduates, and staff.  That’s alot of bible studies. We are collecting materials, as they come in, from our various  resources.   The BIBLE STUDIES button Do you have an opinion that you’d like to “air”.  A topic that you want to hear more about?  Some late news that you’d like to announce to us?   “Come Blog with Us”. We have some exciting areas of discussion coming your way. Keep checking the “BLOGS”. The BLOG button OVER 18,000 RESIDENTS  NATIONWIDE TO DATE, and  Mission Teens is FREE! LOOK FOR OLD FRIENDS ! LOOK FOR FRED SANTONE’S eBOOK. Reverend James D. Bracken founded Mission Teens, Inc. in 1969.  His wife Boydie has been a integral part of Jim’s ministry since the start. This section will let you know everything necessary to get  accepted into the Mission Teens program. It will help you  to determine if it’s right for you.  The MISSION button                               This section more                               or less mirrors the                                                    website.  If you are                               in trouble.  If you’re surfing the web looking for a program that will take you in.  If you, a family member, or a friend has a problem with drug addiction, alcoholism, with behavioral problems or depression you have found the right website.     The sections below will enable you to navigate this site. “A picture speaks a thousand words”   This site is rich in photos for that reason.   CLICK on a photo to enlarge it. Praise and Worship at the Michigan Center. Portland Center staff members enjoying the area landscape. The "family" at the Paragould, Arkansas Center. Directors Meeting at the Tennessee Center. The Women's Auxillary for Mission Teens. The "Family" at the Iowa Center. The "Family" at the Fort Lauderdale Center. The Praise and worship at the Indiana Center.